Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Various Shades and Hues of Colorful India Tours

India is a land of colors. Misty mountain retreats with slopes painted green by Mother Nature, snow-capped mountains of Himalayas up in the North, blue and green seas surrounding black-soiled Deccan peninsular region, golden sands of Great Indian Desert, white sandy beaches of Goa and Kerala and deep dark forests of Northeast and South India present unique landscapes with their distinctive tourist attractions. It is history, legends, folklores and narratives that give life and character to almost all the tourist destinations of India.
The red sandstone architecture built by Mughal Emperors and white marble wonders of Shah Jahan stand tall till date in Delhi and Agra - the two important power seats of Mughal Empire. The Golden Triangle Tour focuses on Mughal architecture with Taj Mahal, Red Fort, and Jama Masjid as it highlights. It then presents the contrast of Mughal historical monuments with royal Rajput heritage structures at Jaipur and helps you discover the distinctive traits of two schools of architecture. The indigenous craftsmanship and Persian architecture influenced each other to a great extent during this period. The Golden Triangle of India allows you into a glimpse of how secular India developed and people of different religions and ideas learned to live in harmony.
Holidays in India can broadly be divided into two parts – North India Tours and South India Tours. Both offer a colorful journey of culture and traditions, arts and handicrafts, dance and music, temples and heritage monuments, Ayurveda and Yoga resorts, and a dash of wildlife safaris and adventure tourism. Yet, they are exclusive and quite different from each other too. North India has seen more unregulated industrialization and growth of concrete jungles. The bustling metropolitan cities, neo-cosmopolis, and political center of Delhi present the peak of human development with world-class facilities and organized and commercialized presentations.
Rajasthan is more of a desert land. Rajasthan tours feature sand dunes, mirage-like fantasy forts in the deserts, camels, and a riot of vibrant colors everywhere – from costumes to handicrafts to frescoes – to break the monotony of golden yellow landscape. Hawa Mahal and other heritage monuments of the Pink City of Jaipur wear the official color, while Golden Fort of Jaisalmer bears the golden-yellow hue of the sands on which it stands. The Mehrangarh Fort of the Blue City of Jodhpur offers fantastic views of the city below, including the indigo blue houses of Brahmins. Wildlife sanctuaries and National Parks of Rajasthan, though famous for its birds and tigers, mostly consist of deciduous and semi-deciduous forests that increasingly become sparse to the western side.
South India, on the other hand, is quite fertile. South India tours feature magnificent and grand temples built in Dravidian style, lush green forests with interwoven trees, romantic boat cruises in emerald backwaters, and an extensive picturesque coastline fringed by palm trees and a number of idyllic beaches. Ayurveda resorts of Goa and Kerala are famous for their picture-perfect surroundings. The elaborate colorful costumes, masks, and headgears used during classical dances of South India such as Kathakali and Bharatnatyam are almost as captivating as the beautiful performances. India Holidays include frozen lands of Leh and Ladakh and the island arches of Adaman and Nicobar and offer some of the best tour themes, exclusive to the country.

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