Thursday, October 20, 2011

The India Tour of The Northern Region

Whenever, we talk about the India Tours of the Northern region, then in the back of our mind, we all think about the Greenery, landscape, rocky terrain, lovely waterfalls and huge mountains. No one can deny this fact that the Northern Region of India is the most exquisite and the delightful region of the country. It gives the opportunity to the visitors to visit the country and spend some memorable time with their families and friends. While on the India Tour, you will come to know that this region is truly blessed with the natural beauty and the rich habitat.    

Popular Destinations Northern Region of the country which you can see while applying for the India Tours: 
  • Darjeeling: Darjeeling is among the most beautiful hill stations of the country. The magnetized beauty and the breathtaking views from the top of mountains will surely attract the large number of visitors who are on the India Tours. The well organized and the sprawling tea gardens had brought such a huge popularity to the city that it has considered as one of the exclusive heritage sites by the UNESCO.  After Taj Mahal, this is the second place which has got such an honor from the UNESCO.
  • Sikkim: Moving on with the next hill station in the country which is Sikkim. It is very similar to Darjeeling and therefore many tourists like to visit this hill station too apart from Darjeeling while on the India Tour. It is going to attract you so much that you will surely take some cherish able and the memorable moments back to your home.
  • Gangtok: The Gangtok is the capital city of Sikkim. If you have visited the city but forgot to visit Gangtok, then I am afraid that you haven’t seen the complete beauty of this place. The evergreen trees and the monasteries are the crowd puller places of this capital city. Like the other cities of India, you are not going to get the transportation facilities as sophisticated as the other big cities like Delhi and Mumbai, but even then you are going to enjoy your journey to the fullest.
If I will keep on talking about the cities of the Northern region and elaborate each and every feature of the city, then I won’t be able to complete even after thousands of pages. In a nutshell I can say that if you are thinking about the country which you will like to visit in so that you can enjoy your vacations to the fullest, then you should consider the option of India Tour of Northern region at least for once. So, what are you waiting for? Go, hurry and book the tickets for an India Tour now only. One more thing, if you would book the tickets much before the start of your tour, then the tourism industry is going to offer you the attractive discounts on the tickets and on the other expenses.
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