Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Visit India With heart of heritage Jaipur, Rajasthan

Kanak valley one of the places of India that has always been considered one of the most wanted tourist spots in India Tours. The Kanak valley is being enclosed by the Dharbawati River and the green bed is enough to add more life to the magnificent Kanak valley. The Kanak valley is a window to the old age mythology of Hinduism that has connection with lord Krishna and the wall texture is also related to Krishna’s reign. And the Kanak valley, which was named by the ruler Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh as the Kanak vrindavan has been done near about 280 terms back.

Now let’s come to Jaipur which is also capital of Rajasthan. India Trip is always very special  for any visitors and if its about Rajasthan Tours, it becomes more royal and adventures. Rajasthan is considered to be 2nd most capacious state of India. We can say the state is blooming with all sort of natural beauty. Thar Desert, religiously worshiped rivers, mountains, beautiful fortes, elevated residences of Mughal emperors and holy being. Jaipur is mostly known for the name pink city given by the Sawai jai sing 2, highlights the importance of the scarlet stone of the Mughal institution that were constructed during the Mughal era.

Other than the Kanak valley jaipur has got several more places to give you the pleasure of tourism. And that it has got countless spots to show you the beauty that lies in the land of Rajasthan. Jal mahal which is also regarded as water palace had been constructed by Madho Singh 1 in the middle of the 18th century and duck casting as the pleasure for the aristocrats have made it more special.  

The other spot is Hawa Mahal the name itself  tells that it has been dedicated to the winds is a famous spot in the heart of Jaipur. And the essentiality of the construction is all due to the sandstone shades being pink and the mahal(palace) is so spacious highlights the texture that it becomes hard to get your eyes away from it.  It has got 953 windows all total. Pratap Singh constructed it in 1799 and it remained especially for the women. Nahargarh Fort it shines through the fall of the evening. And the specialty of this very palace is that it has twelve exact looking suits meant for the queens and one suit at the apex for the king.
Other than the palaces Jaipur is also such graceful and spiritual temples that it has emerged itself also as a holy place. Govindji temple which is dedicated to the lord Krishna and it is embellished with the pictures of Krishna that are being brought by vrindavan. And those Hindus who believe and have faith in the royal dynasty preach the temple with immense respect. Galtaji is bit away from jaipur but not that long just 12km. and the temple was established during the reign of Diwan Kriparam and belongs to the category of those limited numbers of temples that are being devoted in the name of Sun God. The place jaipur has been sanctified by the presence of so many spiritual institutions and therefore it has become a source to the deity feelings. And many of people execute their religious acts.

The city jaipur is not only for fortes and temples but it has been also acclaimed as a great place for shopping too. The lively and merry markets provide you with lot of products such as pottery, carpets, handicrafts and jewellery apart from these even textile materials. Some of the busy and most visited shopper’s dens in jaipur are as follows, M. I Road, Nehru bazaar, haldiyon ka Rasta and jauhri. More you tour inside the city the more you get. And all these have turned jaipur a city which is being always on the top of tourists demand and the varied facilities have also been advantageous.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kerala Tours – The Ultimate Exploration of India

For those on their first time to India Tours, Kerala is a wonderful place to begin. While it is a grand holiday destination for anyone wanting to visit, it is the best destination for those looking to make an acquaintance with the country. South India Tours specially kerala Tours are most enjoyed for their gentleness, the beauty and of course, the people.

When you think of Kerala, the first thing that strikes you is just how close to nature the state remains. While the royalty and sophistication of the state is unmistakeable, it is all so quiet and understated that for every holiday tourist, this is a blessing. With no demands or pressure, you are indulged and let go to enjoy every moment of the unhurried pace and quiet freedom.

When on a conquest to discover all that there is to Kerala, you will notice that there are, in fact, several starting points. The largest among them is naturally the backwaters. Running through a large part of the state this is bound to grab your attention not just for its size, but also for the wondrous moments that it allows you. The beauty of the backwaters is that, even in its own natural state, and with no interference from man, it takes you to the most enviable destinations of Kerala. Through the cities of Alleppey and Kovalam, along the meandering banks and with some of the greatest sights for company, the backwater experience cannot be missed when in Kerala.

Keeping up with the backwaters are the beach experiences. Akin to being in the calm waters of the state is the feeling of enjoying the quiet bliss of the sun. Arousing scents of the salt and sand, titillating flavours of the seafood and coconut, and the colours coming to a harmonious confluence, this is where every sense will be satiated completely. With a generous coastline on the western border of the state, Kerala offers you great variety in the beaches you can explore.

You cannot be in Kerala and escape the natural endowments. Derived largely from the favourable tropical climate, there is plenty of greenery around. Taking cue from all that it is blessed with, Kerala has nurtured several plantations which grow spices and precious crops caringly. With the light fragrances of vanilla, cardamom, cinnamon and clove, you will find a heady joy being in the shelter of giant trees and think foliage. Pleasant for a day’s walk, this is a relaxed way to spend quality time with yourself and loved ones.

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For those who are completely taken in by Kerala, and are thirsty for more, you would be delighted to know that every other state in the country has as many attractions, and much more to delight you with. While Kerala is only the beginning of good times in the country, you could not have asked for a better introduction.
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