Saturday, November 19, 2011

Golden Triangle Tours – The Tour of Agra, Delhi and Jaipur

Last month, I was planning to visit India in order to see the major attractions of the country but I was running short of both time and money. I was about to drop the idea, but suddenly one of my friends came to me and told me about the Golden Triangle Tours. When I bought the Golden Triangle Tours packages from Indian tour operators then I was not very sure with the positive outcomes and I applied for it because there was no option left for me in that case. But, you won’t believe that when the tour was finished, I went to my friend’s house so that I could thank him that he gave me the reference of the Golden Triangle Tours on the right time.

Honestly speaking, after the tour was over, I could say it loudly and to everyone that I haven’t committed any mistake by applying for the India Tours. Although, all the cities of country were not included in the Golden Triangle Tours packages, but still they managed to win my heat because of their performance. Everything was just immaculate for the Golden Triangle Tours, be it the transportation, accommodation, recreational activities for the children, relaxed paces for the adults or be it the night clubs for the youngsters. They made the arrangements in such a manner that each and everything was just next to the perfect.

Delhi, Agra and Jaipur are the major cities included in the Golden Triangle Tours, however, the number of cities and the days can be extended on the demand of their customers and of course their budget. While traveling in these historical places, you will be able to feel the rhythm of historical India and the life style of the people at that time. It won’t be wrong, if I will claim that the lifestyle of present India is completely different from the lifestyle of the people of an ancient era. Well, if you don’t believe me, then you will be able to feel it by buying the Golden Triangle Tours packages for visiting the country.

The tour will begin with the capital of country, Delhi, then it will be moved towards the Agra and then towards the pink city of India, Jaipur. The number of days which you want to spend on the vacations after applying for the Golden Triangle Tours packages can vary from customer to customer. The tourism industry of the Golden Triangle Tours will make you aware about all the major attractions present in these cities which have increased the popularity of these cities not only in Indian, but all across the world. So, get yourself prepare to see some breathtaking views of the country which I am damn sure that you haven’t experienced it before. These days will be the most memorable days of your life and whenever you will recall the memorable days of your life you will surely remember these days.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Golden Triangle Tours – An incredible experience

The Golden Triangle Tours is perhaps the smartest and the cheapest means of visiting India, if you don’t have the huge budget and there is not much time left for your vacations to get over. The Golden Triangle Tours packages will offer you the blend of breathtaking palaces, world heritage sites, monuments surrounded by the large number of other recreational spots. The Golden Triangle Tours promise you to offer you the best alternatives in the context of spending your vacations and holidays. Apart from the monuments and the world heritage sites, the India Tours packages will also make you aware that the country is full of the large number of crowd puller places like Lotus Temple of Delhi and many more.

The three destinations are included in the Golden Triangle Tours packages, one is the capital city of India, Delhi, the other two are the pink city Jaipur and the city consisting of the first wonder of world i.e. Agra. In fact, Delhi is the most favorite destinations of large number of tourists located all across the globe. Besides the facilities involved with the transportation, the Golden Triangle Tours guarantee you the best facilities related to the accommodation and entertainments. is the first destination which is an integral part of the Golden Triangle Tours. The management will be responsible for making you travel to almost all the attractive spots in the country, be it the famous temples or the congested Chandni Chowk. Delhi is famous because it has emerged as one of the fastest growing metropolitan cities in the country. It is considered as the hub of large number of corporate. The next destination of the Golden Triangle Tours packages is Agra. Agra is very famous for the Taj Mahal which is referred as the symbol of true love and romance. There is a story behind the erection of this palace. Many people believe that the Ruler Shah Jahan made this beautiful and breathtaking structure in the fond memory of his beloved wife. after the manufacturing of so many years, Taj Mahal keeps on shining like a bright star and it is well praised by the large number of tourists every year. The next and the last destination of the Golden Triangle Tours, is the pink city Jaipur. You will be pleased by the culture of the people and the warmth welcome which you will get at the time of visit the city. There are several attractive spots in the city Jaipur. It is believed that the famous Amber Fort was the capital of Rajputs for as long as 700 years before it was migrated to the inner regions of the city. The renowned Jantar Mantar is also considered as one of the famous World Heritage sites declared by the UNESCO, which is the greatest achievement in itself.

So, if you want to see the major attractions of India within the short duration of time, then should apply for the India Tours, Golden Triangle Tours.

Watch the famous historical sites and monuments of India with the Golden Triangle Tours

The Golden Triangle Tours is nothing but a tourism circuit which has been developed by some professionals of the tourism industry. The major and a sole aim of developing the concept of the Golden Triangle Tours packages is to increase the rate of tourism in India, so that the tourism industry can generate the larger amount of revenue from the tourist without compromising on the quality. The tourists will come across the culture, diversity, heritage, festivals and the unity that is being developed in India through the means of Golden Triangle Tours packages.

Even after suffering from so many terrorist attacks and activities supported by some uncivilized elements of the city, the city still holds the importance in its own way. If you think there is no more good left in the city, then let me tell you that you are completely on the wrong side and you should buy the Golden Triangle Tours packages if you want to see the positive side of the city. The main highlights of this capital city are the India Gate and the Lotus Temple which are there in the city from so many years now.

Well enough said about the capital city, now lets move towards the other city of the Golden Triangle Tours which is Agra. In the ancient times, the city was lost in the world map, but now everyone keeps on searching for this city on a world map because this city has become very popular nowadays. The reason for its popularity is that it consists of the first wonder of the world, the symbol of true love and relationship, the one and only one forever, the ever shining Taj Mahal. The Fatehpur Sikri comes next to the Taj Mahal on the popularity scale.

Now let’s talk about the Jaipur. Well, Delhi has the Lotus Temple and India Gate, Agra has the Taj Mahal, but what is there in the city Jaipur for which it is so popular. The answer of this question is the presence of monuments and forts which were built by the rulers of the ancient times and one nay find it a bit surprised if he/she comes to know that they are as it is maintained as they were in the ancient times. In fact, the use of the latest techniques involved in the methods of maintenance has played a vital role in enhancing the beauty of these monuments many tons.

So, what are you waiting for, go and buy the Golden Triangle Tours packages for your family to gift them wonderful and the vacations of the lifetime to them. The distinguishable feature of the Golden Triangle Tours is that you will not feel bored and you are not going to miss anything if you have gone for the vacations through the reference of the Golden Triangle Tours packages. You can buy the Golden Triangle Tours at any time of a year. if you want to see the major attractions of India within small duration of time, then should apply for the India Tours, Indian Tour Operators, Rajasthan Tour.

Historic and Cultural attractions of India - Golden Triangle Tours

The three cities i.e. Delhi, Agra and Jaipur which are included in the Golden Triangle Tours packages show the purity, royal power, shine as well as glory which one can experience while visiting the country. I had a strong fantasy to visit the country but was worried about the budget and time consumption. Then I applied for the Golden Triangle Tours and I am truly satisfied with the services that were provided by the authority. After I applied for the Golden Triangle Tours packages, a date was fixed on my demand to start and end the Golden Triangle Tours. There was no need for me to worry about the transportation, accommodation, food, shelter and other recreational activities. The management team was there to sort out all my problems.

On the decided day, the bus was there to pick my family and we started with the vacations in the memorable manner. First of all, we visited the capital city of the country i.e. Delhi. We went to Akshardham Temple, Lotus Temple and other recreational spots which can be relaxing as well as entertaining for the children. We spent almost whole day in traveling and in the night, we reached to our hotel which was already booked by the concerned authority. I was surprised that by paying such nominal prices in the Golden Triangle Tours packages, we were given the luxury of five star hotels. We had our dinner there and that was too yummy. We went to our bed and in late night but we were supposed to wake up in the early morning because we had to resume the Golden Triangle Tours.

On the next day, we started our journey once again and we went towards the Agra city. During the journey in the bus, we were provided by the breakfast and some soft drinks. First of all, we went to see the first wonder of the world i.e. Taj Mahal which is located in Agra. It is said that this is considered as the symbol of love. Then in the evening, we continued our journey and we went to see some other attractive spots in the city and Ajmer Fort was one of them. Again, in the night we spent our night in the hotel and the arrangements for that was already made by the authority of Golden Triangle Tours.

On the next morning, we went to the pink city of the country i.e. Jaipur. Visiting all these cities in such a short duration of time was truly an incredible experience. I never even dreamt that I would be able to visit all these three cities in such a short span of time, but seriously the Golden Triangle Tours packages have made it possible for me and my family.

So, if you are planning to visit India, then I would recommend you that you should buy the Golden Triangle Tours packages, Rajasthan Tours, India Tours and surely you are going to get the good value to your money.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The India Tour of The Northern Region

Whenever, we talk about the India Tours of the Northern region, then in the back of our mind, we all think about the Greenery, landscape, rocky terrain, lovely waterfalls and huge mountains. No one can deny this fact that the Northern Region of India is the most exquisite and the delightful region of the country. It gives the opportunity to the visitors to visit the country and spend some memorable time with their families and friends. While on the India Tour, you will come to know that this region is truly blessed with the natural beauty and the rich habitat.    

Popular Destinations Northern Region of the country which you can see while applying for the India Tours: 
  • Darjeeling: Darjeeling is among the most beautiful hill stations of the country. The magnetized beauty and the breathtaking views from the top of mountains will surely attract the large number of visitors who are on the India Tours. The well organized and the sprawling tea gardens had brought such a huge popularity to the city that it has considered as one of the exclusive heritage sites by the UNESCO.  After Taj Mahal, this is the second place which has got such an honor from the UNESCO.
  • Sikkim: Moving on with the next hill station in the country which is Sikkim. It is very similar to Darjeeling and therefore many tourists like to visit this hill station too apart from Darjeeling while on the India Tour. It is going to attract you so much that you will surely take some cherish able and the memorable moments back to your home.
  • Gangtok: The Gangtok is the capital city of Sikkim. If you have visited the city but forgot to visit Gangtok, then I am afraid that you haven’t seen the complete beauty of this place. The evergreen trees and the monasteries are the crowd puller places of this capital city. Like the other cities of India, you are not going to get the transportation facilities as sophisticated as the other big cities like Delhi and Mumbai, but even then you are going to enjoy your journey to the fullest.
If I will keep on talking about the cities of the Northern region and elaborate each and every feature of the city, then I won’t be able to complete even after thousands of pages. In a nutshell I can say that if you are thinking about the country which you will like to visit in so that you can enjoy your vacations to the fullest, then you should consider the option of India Tour of Northern region at least for once. So, what are you waiting for? Go, hurry and book the tickets for an India Tour now only. One more thing, if you would book the tickets much before the start of your tour, then the tourism industry is going to offer you the attractive discounts on the tickets and on the other expenses.
Visit North India Tours to know more about popular destination of northern region of India.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Visit India With heart of heritage Jaipur, Rajasthan

Kanak valley one of the places of India that has always been considered one of the most wanted tourist spots in India Tours. The Kanak valley is being enclosed by the Dharbawati River and the green bed is enough to add more life to the magnificent Kanak valley. The Kanak valley is a window to the old age mythology of Hinduism that has connection with lord Krishna and the wall texture is also related to Krishna’s reign. And the Kanak valley, which was named by the ruler Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh as the Kanak vrindavan has been done near about 280 terms back.

Now let’s come to Jaipur which is also capital of Rajasthan. India Trip is always very special  for any visitors and if its about Rajasthan Tours, it becomes more royal and adventures. Rajasthan is considered to be 2nd most capacious state of India. We can say the state is blooming with all sort of natural beauty. Thar Desert, religiously worshiped rivers, mountains, beautiful fortes, elevated residences of Mughal emperors and holy being. Jaipur is mostly known for the name pink city given by the Sawai jai sing 2, highlights the importance of the scarlet stone of the Mughal institution that were constructed during the Mughal era.

Other than the Kanak valley jaipur has got several more places to give you the pleasure of tourism. And that it has got countless spots to show you the beauty that lies in the land of Rajasthan. Jal mahal which is also regarded as water palace had been constructed by Madho Singh 1 in the middle of the 18th century and duck casting as the pleasure for the aristocrats have made it more special.  

The other spot is Hawa Mahal the name itself  tells that it has been dedicated to the winds is a famous spot in the heart of Jaipur. And the essentiality of the construction is all due to the sandstone shades being pink and the mahal(palace) is so spacious highlights the texture that it becomes hard to get your eyes away from it.  It has got 953 windows all total. Pratap Singh constructed it in 1799 and it remained especially for the women. Nahargarh Fort it shines through the fall of the evening. And the specialty of this very palace is that it has twelve exact looking suits meant for the queens and one suit at the apex for the king.
Other than the palaces Jaipur is also such graceful and spiritual temples that it has emerged itself also as a holy place. Govindji temple which is dedicated to the lord Krishna and it is embellished with the pictures of Krishna that are being brought by vrindavan. And those Hindus who believe and have faith in the royal dynasty preach the temple with immense respect. Galtaji is bit away from jaipur but not that long just 12km. and the temple was established during the reign of Diwan Kriparam and belongs to the category of those limited numbers of temples that are being devoted in the name of Sun God. The place jaipur has been sanctified by the presence of so many spiritual institutions and therefore it has become a source to the deity feelings. And many of people execute their religious acts.

The city jaipur is not only for fortes and temples but it has been also acclaimed as a great place for shopping too. The lively and merry markets provide you with lot of products such as pottery, carpets, handicrafts and jewellery apart from these even textile materials. Some of the busy and most visited shopper’s dens in jaipur are as follows, M. I Road, Nehru bazaar, haldiyon ka Rasta and jauhri. More you tour inside the city the more you get. And all these have turned jaipur a city which is being always on the top of tourists demand and the varied facilities have also been advantageous.

One can easily visit and enjoy all these palaces and forts with golden triangle tour packages.