Monday, February 20, 2012

Rajasthan Tour Packages – a Renewed Lease of Life

Rajasthan has always been very generous with all guests. Everyone is extended a warm welcome, and Rajasthan has never shied away from showcasing her very best. Whether in the climate, the activity, the monuments or even the atmosphere, you are sure to find a lively current flowing wherever you go in Rajasthan.
Rajasthan Travel is where you will find the simplest, yet more exquisite crafts, weaves and artefacts. Rajasthan is shopper’s paradise. You are sure to find great gifts to treat your friends and family to. There are several tours within Rajasthan that you can choose from. It is best to look for Rajasthan Tour Packages which allows you to focus your time and energy on a particular facet of Rajasthan and understands it better. Although Rajasthan has been nothing but hospitable to every visitor, it is a pity to leave without savouring the complete essence of it.

The best time to visit is during the winter, as it allows you to escape the scorching heat. However, anytime is a great time to visit Rajasthan if you are looking for a holiday which is filled with great memories. What has a little heat got to do with it anyway?

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Rajasthan Village Tours: Absolutely Spiritual Experience

An experience of Rajasthan village life is fulfilling, unique, colorful, exciting, enjoyable, and unforgettable. A typical Rajasthan village is inextricably connected to its distinct cultural past, traditional beliefs, traditional occupations, professions and skills, and idyllic natural heritage. Rajasthan royal and village lifestyle are interconnected which have deep impressions of Rajasthan color scheme, tasty Rajasthan cuisine, beautiful Rajasthan attire and unique Rajasthan architectural marvels and decorations. 

Rajasthan tour to village is the best way to explore idyllic natural life of Rajasthan people, where smiling colorful people would welcome you with all love and care. Rajasthan villages are usually cluttered with shanty huts which walls are made canvas of creative blend of traditional painting skills. Villagers loves to adorn their huts with beautiful natural symbols and signs, they’re expert in color blending, and loves to decorate their home with lots of bright colors.

Sprawling green meadows and picturesque landscape against backdrop of common life of Rajasthan villagers, and gargantuan beautiful palaces and forts, will simply refresh and revive you. You will be offered to stay at Rajasthan village, where you will get lifetime opportunity to taste original hot and spicy Rajasthan food, and experience common lifestyle of Rajasthan village. Needless to say, Rajasthan villagers are so cordial and helpful that they’re always ears for your special needs and demands, and loves to treat guests to best of their ability.

During your stay you will learn that Rajasthan farming style has not modernized, its not due to unavailability of modern equipments but due to unchanging attitude of village farmers who are mostly dependent on traditional methods. Most probably credit goes to great Indus Valley civilization which is one of the oldest civilization of world, and has indelible impression on Rajasthan culture and lifestyle. Common village lifestyle is also unaffected by modernity and globalization, from their utensils, toys to their attires and living habits, nothing has changed much. Their unadulterated culture and tradition makes the most attractive high point and reason to visit Rajasthan and look for Rajasthan tourism.

As you travel to Thar desert, you will find camels to ride and also to experience desert adventure sports. As the sunsets in the background and oscillating motion of camel ride, and tranquility of desert, will make out to be totally a spiritual experience. In the evening when sunlight is nearly faded way, you will get to stay at any nearest village or you could do camping with bonfire. These experiences are absolutely photogenic that you could capture and relish throughout your life.

During night stay there traditional dance and song will be organized specially for you, and simultaneously Rajasthan traditional dinner will be served. Rajasthan traditional dance are performed by village girls, and songs and music instruments are played by Rajasthan village classical artists. A memorable moment it will surely turn out for you, moreover, tasty hot and spicy Rajasthan dishes will exponentially add to delight.

Rajasthan tour packages to village will take you to totally different world untouched by hustle and bustle of modern globalized world. It will give you much needed pause to your life to refreshen you up and at the same time give you most memorable lifetime moments to cherish about. 

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