Tuesday, June 28, 2011

India Sightseeing Experiences - Embark on Unique Tours of Famous Landmarks

Tours to India is an experience that you will cherish for life. Every minute, and every inch of the country is filled with inspiring sights that are worthy of all your attention and awe. However, there are some great landmarks which have become India’s biggest icons, and symbols of what India has come to represent to the world.

Taj Mahal : Among the seven wonders of the modern world, this is not just large in size, but in eminence as well. A lone monument which has managed to draw millions of visitors and bring them back over and over for more, the Taj Mahal in Agra has today become the symbol of eternal love. Those coming to the Taj Mahal are pleasantly surprised by other grand monuments which are as impressive, some of which include the Friday Mosque and the Agra Fort. Characteristic of Moghul architecture and testimony to the grandeur of this era, they are not just a glimpse into history, but an important learning about what has gone into making India as complex as it is today. The best way to take in the Taj Mahal is with the Golden Triangle Tour which offers you the added bonuses of Jaipur and Delhi.

Goa : The small entity called Goa has become a landmark in itself for domestic and foreign tourists. A magnet for all those looking for fun and relaxation, Goa Tours among the most sought after holiday packages in India. For their numerous beaches in varied character, the endless coastline and abundance of delectable sea food, Goa is where the fun never stops, and where every season betters the experience you had before.

The Jim Corbett and Kanha National Parks are perhaps the best places to get sight of the endangered Bengal Tigers. These are not just the ideal places for a tiger sighting, but also a grand exhibition in themselves. With ample opportunity for you to get close to some of the most magnificent wildlife in the country, you are in the best hands at these locations when on a Wildlife Tour of India.

If you are truly looking for monuments that give India Tours its own distinction, the temples in Tamil Nadu are among the most prominent features. Including the temples at Rameshwaram, Madurai and also at Mahabalipuram, these visits are not just ideal ways to explore the culture and practices of worship, but also great tours that take you on endless walks through some of the largest, oldest temples that exist in the world. Grand statues, temples and shrines crafted out of single pieces of stone, the temples of Tamil Nadu continue to be lessons in architecture for even the greatest engineers in the world today.

When you think of landmarks, it is unfair to mention some and omit the others. However, having to even begin talking about the grand monuments, experiences and landmarks in India could take up a whole lifetime. As you continue to explore the country’s length and breadth, you will find greater treasures await you. Find your own landmarks and create your own tourist diary in India.