Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Find Out Why Kerala Is One of India's Favorite Tourist Attractions

Although India has several destinations which are immensely popular by virtue of their own endowments and natural beauty during India Tours, there is plenty that travel agents do in order to make the Kerala Tour Packages more appealing and relevant. It is the manner in which the tours are handled which makes the difference and sets every holiday apart, and Kerala Tours with Annonline are no different.

When travellers come to Kerala they are looking to be delighted. There is so much of publicity and popularity that Kerala Tours has managed to generate that the expectations from Kerala are very high. This is natural considering how every tourist has managed to be completely overwhelmed by the experience of being in Kerala.

“As travel agents, we try and make every experience unique. Although Kerala is one, there are so many different subtleties to be experienced, and what we offer differs depending on the tastes and needs of each traveller. Whether in the grades or kind of accommodation we offer the manner in which the state is toured, or even small extras like cultural shows and musical evenings. What we strive to do is go beyond the expectations of our clients and enable them to experience something more than they imagined.

The grand heritage of Kerala matched with generous gifts from nature makes this the most sought after Tour of India. Find out just why by taking your own journey to nature’s heaven.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

2011 Pushkar Fair Tour Packages Now Available

Pushkar fair also known as ‘Pushkar ka mela’ is all about camels. This fair hosts around 50,000 camels. In recent years it has become a popular tourist spot. Pushkar fair is held in small and beautiful town of Pushkar in North Indian state of Rajasthan. The town is surrounded by hills on the three sides and there is also a beautiful lake known as Puskar Lake. Pushkar fair is held on the banks of this lake. It is set in a valley which is 14km away from Ajmer city. Pushkar fair is basically an annual five-day camel fair and is known as one of the largest camel fairs in the world. Here men also buy or sell their livestock like cows, sheep and goats. Apart from this there are many more events that are held. The popular events are ‘matka phod’, ‘longest moustache’ and ‘bridal competition’. These are the main attractions why Pushkar fair tours are so popular and are visited by thousands of tourists every year.

The town’s population is around 14,000 but during Pushkar fair it shoots up to 200,000. Pushkar is one of the important pilgrimage destinations in India. It is considered to be one of the five sacred dhams of Hindus. The other four dhams are Badrinath, Puri, Rameswaram, and Dwarka. It is said that the demon Vajra Nabh was killed by Lord Brahma with a lotus flower. This lotus flowers’ petals floated down to earth and landed in Pushkar where lakes sprang up. Earlier this lake was surrounded by more than 400 temples. The Brahma temple is the most important temple in India and the only Brahma temple in the whole world. Thousands of Hindus come to Pushkar from across the world to take a dip in the holy waters of Pushkar Lake. According to Hindu calendar it is celebrated in the month of Kartik i.e. in the months of November and December. The last day of the fair (Kartik Poornima) is the most important day for the pilgrims. It is believed that this was the day when God Brahma sprung up the Pushkar Lake. 

The fair starts with a camel race followed by music, songs and exhibitions. The other events are folk performances, body tattooing, ethnic shopping, puppet shows, acrobatics, best breed contest etc. Traders also sell products like bead necklaces of Nagaur, brassware of Jodhpur and Jaipur, textiles printed in Ajmer and Jodhpur, woolen blankets of Merta etc. Women are more attracted to the stalls of glittering wares. The climate of Pushkar is extreme so the best time to visit Pushkar is in between October to March.

Pushkar fair tour packages are now easily available. There are best and complete Pushkar fair india tours packages provided from one’s home to Puskar fair and then back to home. For the visitor, Pushkar fair tour is an unparalleled and unforgettable experience to capture the culture and enthusiasm of Rajasthan in one place. One can visit Pushkar to catch a glimpse of this lively town begetting a legacy of timeless architectural heritage.

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Grand Attraction of Viajes a la India

India is known the world over as a developing country which is set to become a force, but has not got there just yet. It is a country which has plenty of poverty, and is backward is many regions. Why then, is India still such a magnet for tourists all over the world, and why is Viajes a la India still so special to all holiday goers?

The answer lies in the paradox that India poses. It is the unpretentious beauty, the quiet honesty and the reality of India which is what takes foreigners and Indians by storm. The untouched beauty of natural wonders, the simple charisma of the monuments and temples, and the heartfelt hospitality of the people set this country apart and make India Tours different from any other experience you will find.

A country of tremendous natural features, India with various cultures, beliefs, languages, peoples etc. is interlaced with natural attractions like Himalayas in the extreme North, Indian Ocean down in the South, and Arabian Sea in the Western portion and Bay of Bengal in the East. Commuting to any region of the country gives you immense pleasure.

When on a holiday, you want everything around you to be just the way you like. You want to ensure that the surroundings are perfect, the plans are in order and that all around you is in sync. India allows you the freedom to explore it with complete structure, or just get about it the way you feel like. The ease of finding comfort and happiness in this country allows Viajes India to take you over completely. There is no real place you need to go to, or any set plan you need to have in mind. Once in India, the pleasures will take over and guide you to the summit of happiness.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tips on surviving a holiday emergency

Quite often we read in newspapers and see in news channels that some tourists are taken hostage or due to natural calamity tourists are facing casualties or risk of life. These emergencies are out of our hands and unpredictable, however with knowledge of first aid basic techniques we can cure life threatening injuries or if not cure but prevent life’s threat and with presence of mind we can minimize chances of casualties.

So, if you’re traveling on holidays to India or if you’re planning a Indian holidays then you must have basic knowledge of first aid and also you should be aware of that under hostage situation what you should do and how you should do. There are weekend courses available with Indian holiday packages that can train you to face worst case scenario. These courses are designed you to make you experience worst case scenario under the guidance of experienced people from military background and adventure sports.

Holidays to India are most preferred by tourist around the world, and also because of the impressive law and order situation. Nevertheless, no country is unaffected by terrorism and crime.

Tourists are the soft targets for taking hostage world over. So, training in how to deal with hostage situation is important for tourist to experience and learn. There are India holiday’s packages that offer you such training courses with your Indian Holidays plan. 

Few tips are given below that you can follow in hostage situation.

Analyze your situation and surroundings meticulously. Use your presence of mind make sure you’re calm and see if you can use anything around you like tools, scrap etc. Also help other hostages to calm down and connect with them without letting your captors know about it by using gestures and eye contact but be cautious while doing this.

Accept captor’s offer of food and other comforts because it’s important that you’re remain healthy and fit in hostage situation. Check your hygiene and cleanliness, and help others. If children and women are in your group then keep them in center of group and keep an eye on captor’s behavior against them. Be mentally strong, keep your fortitude and remain united.

As soon as rescue team reaches make a group and stay together. While escaping do not hurry and keep your body low.

Do not escape alone because this can put people left behind in danger. So, if you find most opportune time to escape then escape together with everyone.

Plan your Holidays to India with popular India tour packages with your specialized weekend hostage training course. It might seem such a possibility rare and remote but such training course can boost your confidence and make you feel secure on your tours. However, as the saying goes today’s preparation determines tomorrow’s achievement, so it’s better to prepare today rather than waiting for such a crisis.