Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Rajasthan - The Land of Sand Dunes

Rajasthan is a state in India that is mainly remembered for it’s being a desert area. The sand dunes are a point of attraction for tourists in the western part of this state and camels that are now used for entertainment purposes mostly were once upon a time the only means of commutation here. Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Ranthambhore etc are some of the great houses of sand dunes and the shining sand attract everyone.

Though Rajasthan is mainly known for sand dunes and the desert; there are several lakes that have been used as water reservoirs since times in memorial and have never let the lives of the people become like a desert. The desert has its own beauty and words would not be sufficient to explain it. One has to be there to appreciate the beauty of these sand clad deserts. The unique culture of Rajasthan has emerged out of the physical characteristics of the land. The land is colorful due to its folk culture as well as the landscapes and the cuisine.

You can easily start your journey by reaching Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata or Chennai metros. The connectivity of these cities with Jaipur via rail as well as air route is very good and you would definitely enjoy this journey too. Do not miss the taste of Indian delicacies on the way.

The Taragarh Fort, Amer fort, Jaigarh fort and chittorgarh fort are very famous and they have several palaces, monuments and temples that have an everlasting impact on the minds of tourists. Most of the palaces in Rajasthan have either been converted to luxury hotels or museums. The local markets are filled with antique statues and trinkets, beautiful apparels and a lot more. There are several artifacts and other decorative items as well as clothes one can take home as a memory of this beautiful sand clad paradise. The bird and wildlife sanctuaries in Bharatpur and Ranthambore would entice you completely and you would surely enjoy the camel ride here.

There are several monuments like Vijay Stambh and Keerti Stambh in the Chittorgarh fort that very constructed by the Rajput rulers to celebrate their victory over their foes. Rajasthan is a land of courageous and chivalrous men and women whose names have been recorded in golden words in the annals of India. Rani Padmini, Rana Pratap, Rana Sanga and many others are revered all over India for their unique presence on the historical screen of India.

The local transportation facilities in Rajasthan are excellent and you would appreciate the promptness of services in the entire state. The hotels provide facilities up to the mark and the tourists return home with total satisfaction. Luxury cabs can be arranged with the help of hotels so that you can visit specific places of your interest at reasonable costs. You can also cherish the journey in the Palace on Wheels royal train while in Rajasthan.

Rajasthan is sometimes called Rangeelo i.e. colorful Rajasthan owing to its beautiful culture, cuisine and hard working people. It is a great opportunity for tourists to visit this state while on their India Tour. Come on! the sands are inviting you.

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