Friday, January 28, 2011

India is one of the most exotic locations in the world. It is truly a land apart, a destination like no other. It is a natural splendor, mysterious, colorful, exciting, enchanting and always memorable. A visit to this wonderful country can change you forever. You will go from here thrilled and satisfied.

There are so many reasons why people come to India. India is a land of great traditions and vast diversity. It offers a lot to the discerning visitor. These include cool beaches, captivating hill stations, magnificent historical monuments, soothing pilgrimage centers, serene backwaters, golden deserts and lively national parks. It is hugely popular because of its various fairs and festivals that are held in different seasons across India. Tourists also love to explore its untouched natural beauty that cannot be rivaled by any another country. Come, travel to India and explore its pristine beauty.

If you are a first time tourist, you should know that a visit to this mesmerizing country is a changing spectacle of religions, customs, beliefs, festivals, sights and sounds. With a historical backdrop of 5,000 years, India is one land that has great history to tell and enchanting monuments to show to this world. It is an amazing package of culture and legend that never fails to captivate the imagination of each and every tourist. But the most talked about attractions are its endless natural splendors like the mighty Himalayas that straddle the north, the vast Indo Gangetic Plains, lush green tropical jungles teeming with lively wildlife, and a long cool coastline embellished with golden beaches that can tempt anyone to submission. Tour to India as India has so many stunning things for each tourist. You can find affordable India tours packages, English spoken people, good transport, delectable cuisine and most importantly captivating hotspots.

If you love to play in the golden sands, don’t wait, travel to India and get lost in the charm of its glowing beaches. You will be surprised to know that there are so many captivating beaches in Kerala, Goa, Karnataka, Mumbai, Orissa, Tamil Nadu and many more. Goa is known across the globe as ‘beach capital of India’ for its pristine and serene beaches. The lovely palm sized beaches of Goa draw thousands of tourists’ from all parts of the world to India every year. Some of the popular beaches of Goa are Anjuna Beach, Colva Beach, Vagator Beach, Dona Paula Beach, etc. These beaches are among the most preferred hotspots in India. Beaches of Kerala, Mumbai and Puri also hold immense popularity among visitors. If you love to see ripples in rivers surrounded by greenery, come to Kerala. This southern state is located in the lap of nature. It has long and extensive network of backwaters. The backwater regions are famous for its pristine beauty and it is still unexploited by people.

Tourists prefer to visit the famous backwater regions such as Munnar, Kovalam, Alleppey, etc to get drenched in its natural splendor. Houseboat is the best medium if you want to tour in Kerala backwaters. You can also enjoy delectable Kerala cuisine along with scenic beauty. Apart from all the captivating natural beauty of Kerala, another state that has lot to offer to the tourists is the beautiful Rajasthan. Its monumental beauty is phenomenal and it has the aura to weave a magical spell on each tourist. The forts of this beautiful state easily catch the attention of tourist from every corner of the world.

It is one of the most popular tourism destinations in India as it has not only forts, palaces, temples, deserts to show but it also has great culture to showcase. Tour to India and understand the unique culture of this great country. Once in India, you can customize your India tours package which you can buy at affordable prices. You can avail the services of India travel agency or log on to any India tourism site to book your favorite India tour package.
To end with it can be said that India tour package is not only exciting but it also provides pure bliss. Come, travel to India and enjoy mesmerizing locations to your heart’s content.

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Tour to India: Make fun in exotic destinations

India is one of the most happening tourist destinations in the world. It is a natural splendor blessed with varied flora and fauna that is truly mesmerizing. This beautiful country has fascinated people since ancient period. This is due to the fact that India has historical monuments, forts, palaces, temples, beaches, spirituality, mysticism, etc to offer to the discerning visitor on a platter. The Greeks, Romans Arabs and others had praised India in their books. It is still being praised by visitors who come to spend holidays in various hotspots of India. Come, travel to India and avail exciting India tour package. With India tour package, immerse your soul in the beauty of India. Take an exotic tour of India, a country that has palette of colors to paint every traveler's dream holiday with joy. Once you come here, you will get taste of so many invaluable things such as sun-kissed beaches, misty mountains, serene valleys, dreamily spread desert and many more.

Tour to India is really a visual treat for each and every tourist. Tour to India can weave magic on tourists’ who love pure fun and bliss. India has in store thousands of amazing and exciting tourist destinations for visitors. Explore historical sites, stunning palaces, ancient monuments, magnificent forts, beautiful temples, breathtaking adventures, wildlife rich in flora & fauna, vibrant culture, lively fairs and festivals, pilgrimage places, hill stations, heritage buildings and so on. All these exciting locations make India one of the most popular tourism & holiday destinations in the world. When you tour to India, keep one thing in mind, you should always hire the services of a reliable India travel agency or India travel agent. India travel agency can plan your tour as per your wish and budget.

There are several attractive India tour packages that you can make selection from. You can enjoy various tour packages such as North India tour, South India tour, North-east tour, Golden Triangle tour, Kashmir and Ladakh tour, Taj Mahal tour, Rajasthan tour, Kerala tour, Uttarkhand tour, Medical India tour, Ayurveda tour and many other customized tour packages at competitive prices.
It doesn’t matter whether you are keen to spend one week or a month to explore these destinations, the important thing is that all tour packages have been designed in such a way that you get a chance to see all the hotspots without having to worry about losing your precious money.

With customized tour package, you can stun yourself at each hotspot. You can also plan your trip based on your needs, requirements, comforts and preferences. The best part is that every trip can be made memorable for you. You can also get tour package at discounted prices in various seasons. With popular India tours package, you will not only get a chance to see your favorite tourist destinations but also you can learn so many things such as Indian culture, traditions, faiths and rich history.

To end with it can be said that if you want to travel to India, hire the valuable services of a reliable India travel agency or log on to any India tourism site to book your tours package. It is fact, tour package not only takes you to your preferred destinations but also provides you taste of all things that are uniquely Indian.

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