Thursday, September 17, 2009

Visit India and Experience a World in Itself

Incredible India undoubtedly, is a symbol of different environmental features having desert regions, coastal areas, valleys, mountain ranges, dry plateaus, tropical rain forests and many more. Besides these, India is the land of various seasons, colorful festivals and cheerful celebrations, thereby reflecting high spirits of Indian people. Its vibrant and rich culture has always fascinated tourists from all over the world, in large quantity.

Luxury can certainly leave you mesmerized and give everlasting memories. Few of the highly visited destinations in India, include:

Colorful Rajasthan: It is an exotic, vibrant state where royal glory and tradition meet in riot of different shades against the desert’s and sand’s vast backdrop. This land is gifted with invincible fortresses, rich heritage and culture, magnificent palaces, natural and beautiful resources. Rajasthan is also rich in dance, art, music, adventure and craft. All of these traits make it a land, which never stops to enchant and intrigue. This abode, where once the kings lived is the finest and most exotic destination for visitors from the entire world and offers the best luxury tours of India. Rajasthan has survived in its diversified ethnicity as well as owes its color and charisma to its lasting traditional life.

Backwaters in Kerala: This Indian state offers you to experience true nature. Kochi, the starting point of the tour, is a cluster of islands, lakes, canals and estuaries. While touring here, you may notice the deltas of 44 rivers, which drain in the massive Arabian Sea, crowded with the marine life. Vembanad Lake is the biggest backwater that passes by three districts, finally opens in the sea at Kochi Port. The second largest backwater is the Astamudi Lake with eight arms that covers a large section of Kollam district in south. Holidays here can be a great experience to come close to nature.

Buddhist India: Host of voyagers comes from around the globe to walk in Buddha’s footsteps and have an inspiring journey. Buddha is considered as Vishnu’s incarnation. Bodh Gaya, the place where he acquired supreme enlightenment, is truly a sanctified spot of pilgrimage. Sarnath, Kushinagar, Nalanda, Rajgir, Sravasti and Lumbini are the prime destinations of Buddhism, which are situated in Bihar and U.P. Attaining India luxury tours of this kind, can allow you to achieve salvation.

Mumbai- City stopover: It is the most vibrant city, hub of finance and trade and also the largest port. Also dubbed as Bollywood city, Mumbai draws hundreds and thousands of tourists every year. The colonial site of the city is Gateway of India that was made to honor the arrival of Queen Marry and King George to India. At present, Mumbai’s seven original islands form a single sparkling metropolis.

Delhi- City stopover: The capital city of India, Delhi is an essential gateway to enter the country. It is a bustling metropolis, a fusion of fast-paced urbanization and cautiously preserved antiquity. The strategic locations of the city, enables simple access to the entire country and was the main reason, for the rulers of India to choose Delhi as their powerful seat. While availing luxury holidays in the lap of incredible India’s capital, you may explore Qutub Minar, Jantar Mantar, Red Fort, Safdarjung’s Enclave, Humayun’s Tomb and Jama Masjid. The modern Delhi involves trip to Bahai House of Worship, called as Lotus Temple. The most appealing trait of the capital is its cosmopolitan nature that forms an appropriate overture to the entire nation.

India is the singly country, which presents diversified categories of sightseeing in every aspect. Whether it is spiritual tourism, beach tourism, adventure tourism, or simple health care tourism, you simply have to pick and for sure, all the needs of luxury holidays in the lap of incredible India will be satisfied.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Spend Your Luxury Holidays in India as a King

India is a great country to spend your holidays as a tourist. Let us have a bird’s eye view as to what India can offer to the king or queen that you are. When the word “Royal” comes to one’s mind; Agra and Rajasthan click instantaneously and the Golden triangle tour package optimally has everything that can really make you feel like a ruler; owing to the hospitality and the grandeur of the palaces and beauty of the places around.

Reaching New Delhi from anywhere across the globe is the simplest way to commence your tour in India. You can hire a cab or take this package from a tour agency of your choice in New Delhi. Agra is the first place to visit where you would be amazed to see the beautiful Taj Mahal. Shahjehan, the Mogul Emperor had made this as a final resting place for his beloved wife Mumtaz and this monument is used all over the world in most of the cases to represent the astounding and magnificent architecture of India. Agra market offers you several avenues to take home antiques pieces and miniature Taj Mahals and a lot of other items of artificial jewellery and trinkets. Do not forget to taste the local cuisine and specially the sweet “Petha” that comes in several varieties.

The next destination is Jaipur, well known as the pink city. You would really enjoy seeing the Amer palace, Jantar Mantar, City palace, Hawa Mahal, Jaigarh palace and Birla temple. The foodscape is mouth watering and you would enjoy shopping in the markets for traditional items of Rajasthan.

The circuit completes by reaching Delhi back and you must see the Red fort, Rajghat, Qutub Minar and other wonderful monuments in the capital city of India. Delhi will surely steal your heart. Massage and spa treatments are available in luxury hotels to harmonize your body, mind and spirit.

You would definitely feel like a pampered king or queen because of the wonderful hotels and the hospitality they provide. The cabs too have a royal touch and the food is also served in tune with the royal tradition.

There is one more option for you to feel like a royal person. You can also get into Palace on wheels if time permits; apart from the golden triangle tour and enjoy the journey as well as stay in the train that resembles the interiors of a Rajput palace. The fair is reasonable and the journey is worth being cherished. The railways department of India has specially started this service to give you the complete look and feel of a royal abode and hospitality. Most of the tourists that come to India do enjoy this special train journey and go back home with lots of beautiful and unforgettable memories. Several destinations of Rajasthan tours are covered in this special journey.

India was known as the golden sparrow long back in history because of its culture, values and art. It is advisable to give India a try during your holidays this time. You would surely feel like a ruler because in India they say “Guest is God”. Come on pack your bags, the beautiful destinations in India and waiting for you, “The Ruler” during your India Tour.

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Honeymoon in Kerala – A Perfect Destination for Couples

Honeymoon in Kerala is as romantic and memorable as it can get. With world's most romantic destinations in its kitty, Kerala Tours feature exclusive handpicked honeymoon destinations with gorgeous surroundings. From the most luxurious houseboat cruises in Kerala Backwaters to spacious Ayurveda resorts and spas in idyllic settings, Honeymoon Tours in Kerala offers variety of experiences, hassle-free trips and customized itineraries to make your holiday dreams come true.
Romance in the beautiful lagoons, cruise through an intricate network of waterways and fall in love at the world's most dazzling beaches at Kerala. Kerala Beach Tours feature white sandy destinations on the extensive coastline of the state fringed with palm trees. Whether you indulge in water sports or be a child once again by collecting shells on the shores, the sea-sand-sun element never fails to seduce you with its beautiful visuals. There are over 30 premium beach destinations and resorts in the state, including Kovalam Beach, Fort Kochi, Marari Beach Resort, and Varkala Beaches.
No tourism attraction in India and abroad is more emblematic of romance than a houseboat cruise on the waterways of Kerala. Kerala Backwater Tours feature winding narrow channels and canals through dense forests, remote island villages, paddy fields and spice plantations. The hidden gems like Fort Kochi and small-scale industries in the villages like making of coir ropes and Kettuvallams or traditional houseboats attract several international tourists. The charming laid-back rural Kerala with its simple pleasures, soothing sounds of Nature, melodious calls of birds, and the soft rhythmic movement of the houseboats help you to fully relax and focus on the relationship you now share. The romantic meals on deck are other high points of honeymoon in Kerala backwaters.
Long walks at sunrise and sunsets while holding the hand of your loved one in the salubrious environs of the leading hill resorts of Kerala can bring back romance in the lives of the couples who come here for a second honeymoon and to infuse more vigor and energy into their marital lives. The blessed hills of Munnar, Ponmudi, and Wayanad painted green by Mother Nature and adorned by blue Nilakunjini blossoms. Presenting fragrant tea, coffee and spice plantations, these hills are ideal for strolling through flower meadows, rubber plantations and take a plunge in misty waterfalls. The supreme beauty and amiable cozy environs make the hill resorts of Kerala ideal travel destinations for honeymoon couples.
Sow a seed of harmony and balance in marital life with special honeymoon packages offered by Ayurveda resorts and spas of Kerala in the most beautiful panoramic locations. Sometimes, situated on an island, these Ayurvedic resorts offer relaxing and rejuvenating massages, Naturotherapy treatments and herbal therapies to improve your health, immunity and vitality, Yoga and breathing exercise that fights age and tones your muscles, and meditation to help you control your mind and thoughts. Inculcating a discipline in life with Kerala Health Tours and spending time together in activities healthy for both the partners at Ayurveda spa retreats is the best way for long-term happiness and fulfillment in life.

Planning for India Tours or a Honeymoon in Kerala, Kerala is an ideal place to refresh to mind, body and soul. Enjoy your Honeymoon in India and give a perfect start to the second innings of your life.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Full-Blast Charm of Kerala for International Tourists

Kerala backwaters have beckoned to international tourists for ages now. Lord Curzon called Allepey, the ‘Venice of the East’. The traditional rice boats ‘Kettuvallams’ turned into elegant houseboats for international tourists offer the best way to explore the beauteous panoramas of Kerala. Stretching over 1500 km, Kerala’s waterways are placid and serene. Bound by swinging palm trees and dense green forests on both sides, they present a very pretty picture. You will find it a wonder to know that not a single nail is used to hold any part of the hull of these large boats together. Instead, especially tied knots hold the logs together.

All the material used to make these boats is 100% natural and found in the native region. Many tourists often describe these boats as ‘Stitched Boats’ simply because how they look. Houseboat cruises on Kerala Backwaters are ideal and romantic. An idyllic destination for honeymoon couples and lovebirds, Kerala backwaters tour offer quietude, tranquility and solitude that are difficult to find elsewhere. The romantic meals on deck, floating cottages, comfortable rooms, exotic views, hidden forts and palaces, and island resorts add to the charm of a backwater cruise in Kerala.

Kerala Tour packages turn on the royalty in you as you give yourself to a blissful life. Millions of tourists throng famous Ayurvedic spas and health resorts in Kerala every years to experience matchless relaxation and rejuvenation treatments that combine modern techniques with age-old Ayurveda concepts. You can choose from a range of treatment packages that include herbal medicines, special herbal extracts and massage oils, ancient massage therapies, Yoga exercises and dietary control to cleanse and strengthen your mind, body, and soul. Kerala Ayurvedic spas can do wonders for your immune system and are celebrated for age-defying treatments when it comes to health and beauty.

Spread along side crystal clear sea water that mirrors moody skies, Kerala’s coastline offers hundreds of miles of clear sandy beaches fringed by palm trees that dance to the tune of the winds. It is the beaches of Kerala that have earned it the title of ‘God’s Own Country’. Some of the most popular beaches that attract international tourists in Kerala are Alppuzha Beach, Cherai Beach, Ezhimala Beach, and Kovalam Beach. Whether you sun bathe, collect shells, build sand castles or indulge in water sports, you will never forget a Kerala beach retreat.

There are two other aspects that must find mention in Kerala’s various charms – its species and its wildlife. Kerala’s aromatic spice plantations are famous all over the world. Tour cardamom, ginger, cassia, greater galanga, chilly, kokum, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, pepper, coffee, tamarind, curry leaf, tea, cashew, turmeric, and other plantations, where you can learn about the origin of spices and their significance in the economic development and export industry of Kerala. The wildlife attractions of Kerala mainly include Eravikulam National Park famous for rare Nilgiri Tahrs and shoal forests; Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary at Thekkady where wild elephants thrive; beautiful Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary with its steep mountains, valleys and lakes; and 14-acre Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary on the banks of the Vembanad Lake which is a preferred haunt of migratory birds.

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